New balls

Schools are continuously reaching out to us for help in acquiring dodgeballs and naturally we are happy to help – after all, this is one of the reasons why we launched our national youth prgoramme in August.

55 balls have been made and posted so far, with 40 balls coming next time. As a result, another 12 schools can offer our great sport, and with authentic equipment, no less! ❤️🖤💚

Hungary Dodgeball balls

Our school programme now in Győr!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t organise youth tournaments and our showcase sessions had been cancelled as well this year. But we did launch our school Dodgeball programme in August, to which more than 130 Physical Education instructors have joined, even from across the border. Although the situation has not eased up since, we are still getting heart-warming responses & feedback – you can read below one such account from Erzsébet. Thank you!

„Hi! As an elementary school PE teacher, I was fascinated by this sport and I’ve decided that I will teach it to my kids! I have a wonderful, well-behaved, attentive and curious class of 3rd graders whom I have been teaching since 1st grade. I know exactly what I can expect from them! I have been always teaching them games that I teach to older kids, occasionally adjusting the rules a little.

As for the 8th graders, I am their form teacher and I have been their PE teacher as well for eight years. I also teach PE for a class of 7th graders currently. All three classes have come to like Dodgeball so much that we are going to play it for a good while!

During the first few classes, we only used few enough rules to make Dodgeball playable, enjoyable. I didn’t track time and we had no call-outs, rather, we stopped play when a fault occurred and discussed it, then continued the game.

Attendance has been lower due to absences, so lately we’ve been playing with 10-10 players with all my classes; whoever gets eliminated becomes a retriever. Even the 3rd graders played with 5 balls and the same rules as the others!

I told them during the first class that we would be using additional rules later on. Actually what’s still missing is the neutral zone and the timers, but so far, they have been playing very well even without these.”

Dodgeball – The 5-ball dodgeball in the school program

The main goal of our school programme, which we launched in August 2020, is to get young people to know and play Dodgeball regularly in more and more cities and after the school cups, to organise national tournaments as well. Therefore we are looking for those PE teacher colleagues and institutions who would be partners in this initiative and we hope that together with the schools we can promote and teach this wonderful game.

We hope that we can help many children interested in sports feel the team spirit and learn about a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of regular exercise.

Hungary Dodgeball in the school program

We have created a Facebook group where, in the beginning, we can introduce the basics of the game and help PE teachers to get to know the rules, tactics and proper technique. Besides, we can also discuss any questions regarding the balls and the court there.

It is our pleasure that within such a short period of time, more than 150 PE teachers have applied from the Carpathian Basin. If you would also like to join our school project, please contact us!