Budapest Dodgeball in the October recommendations –

Azonnali has included us in an article, straight from the frontlines no less! Many thanks!

At first I was a bit afraid of the whole thing – there’s a reason why I’m not too familiar with the world of gyms and courts, but I realised quite quickly that stressing over it is pointless:

No one’s out for my blood, the community is supportive and no one would judge you if you are a little clumsy and don’t throw too well or simply just don’t know the rules well enough yet.

Apropos of the rules! I was really surprised when I realised just how complex & tactical of a game Dodgeball can be; from deciding to who throws whom and when, getting eliminated and returning to the court to how the plays really change as more and more players get sent to the sidelines.

You can read the full article at the link below:

If you’re under focus fire, all you can do is pray –

This title turned out quite timely. We’ve been long watiting for the chance for Dodgeball to appear on, our 5-ball competitive dodgeball which we worked so much for, but an unfortunate turn of Fate made it a bittersweet event. But life must go on and so shall we. Thank you!

Most likely everyone has tried dodgeball as a child, but in its competitively fine-tuned version the rush of adrenaline is even more intense: you can be prey or predator at any moment while having to pay attention to 5 balls zooming all around or taking aim.

We’d like to thank Hungary’s most popular news site for this farewell gift. Wish you all the best,

Dodgeball is not just a school-yard game –

Dodgeball has always been a staple of PE classes, a joyful game for children. But the now widely known sport known as Dodgeball played by adults is much more than spontaneously throwing balls around.

We gave a world-class team a good run for their money –

The Central European Championships were held in Lausanne last weekend, where, for the first time in the sport’s history, the Hungarian team has taken part as well, advancing with a remarkable 2nd place from their qualifiers.

A közismert magyar gyerekjáték megindult a világhírnév felé –

A kidobós nemzetközi karrierje dodgeball néven emelkedett sportág szintjére. Amerikában konkrétan akkora divat, hogy államonként több tucat csapat űzi versenyszerűen.