Another capital and another cup

Budapest Dodgeball continued its European Tour in Paris , at the end of a two-day international dodgeball tournament, this time the Pirate ladies took second place on the podium.

The men also put up a good fight, dominating the whole day on Saturday, but on the final day they did not come out of the three-way tie.

It was not a smooth preparation, there were quite difficult moments when this trip to Paris seemed very far away. In the end, everything fell into place and the Unicorn Dodgeball Open was a great experience.

Thanks to the organizers Licorne Dodgeball Club, who took care of everything, the family members, the fans and all of you who took on this adventure.

The Budapest Pirates played in Brno

This time we clashed with the Czech men’s dodgeball teams in Brno in the Moravian Dodgeball League. In our opening match against Koprovice we had very strong start, we even took the lead to 13-7, but they caught up with us in the end (13-13).

Against the host team we were in control throughout the match and this time we kept a firm grasp and seized victory (18-8).

The third match was a rematch of the Prague semi-final. Again, it came down to only a few balls, but yet again those few were in favour of the Czech champion Frydek-Mistek (8-16).

Thanks to the organizers and the Czech teams for another set of great matches.

A fantastic debut for the Budapest Pirates Girls

We returned to the Czech Republic only three weeks after the Prague tournament to participate in the third round of the Moravian Dodgeball League over the weekend, this time in Brno.

This event was a significant day for the history of our sport in Hungary as this was the very first time that a Hungarian women’s dodgeball team has played an international match – 3 matches in fact, and not against any ordinary opponents.In their lead-off match – after brushing off some stage-fright – the pirate lasses have successfully introduced themselves with an exciting victory (Budapest Pirates vs Dodgeball Koprivnice 14-10).

Afterwards, they faced team Best of Moravia, made up of by the members of the Czech national team, who placed 6th during the last European Championships. We were hanging on by a thread, but in an incredibly exhilarating game we managed to overcome our far more experienced and odds-on favourite opponents. Whoever that was lucky enough to witness the dramatic finale in the second half and see the hype will surely not forget it ( Budapest Pirates vs BOM 13-9 ).

In the final match of the day the host team secured a victory as expected, albeit in a quite heated and close match against our weary and – by then – a little battle-scarred team ( D.Storm Brno vs Budapest Pirates )

XI. Dodgeball European Championships

The next Dodgeball European Championships are finally confirmed, and we are happy to let you all know about it. Organised for the first time by our member nation Dodgeball Bond Nederland all eyes will be on Drachten in mid-july of 2022!

Save the dates and feel free to spread the word! All the details will follow soon! Happy to be back! #european #dodgeball #comeback #international #tournament #edf