University Tournaments

Together with the Corvinus University and the BEFS, on the 23rd November 2019, we organized the first dodgeball tournament for Hungarian higher education institutions, it was held at the gym of the Corvinus University’s Kinizsi Dormitory.

BEFS Universitas Dodgeball Cup

The finals of the tournament had a fantastic atmosphere, where the all-day dominating Corvinus Slepp team made it obvious to the likewise confident Corvinus Kék Dönci Team that they were the only ones who could win the winners’ cup that day.

Zsuzsanna Csenki Györgyné Varga, the member of the ‘65 World Cup winner female handball team gave out the medals to teams on the podium.

Three days later, the university dodgeball fights continued at Eger, where the Eszterházy Dodgeball Cup – that has a long heritage – was first organized with the rules of the international 5-ball dodgeball.

The Globo-Gym Lila Kobrák team did not even give a chance to their opponents and won the tournament undefeated. Another interesting fact about the cup was that for the first time, even the professors participated with a team.

We gladly come, as everyone can see that the atmosphere is great. Some people, for example, only come to cheer on the teams and have fun. I think that this event is a great example for the student initiatives having ‘present and future’. We are in this lucky situation that our university has outstanding sport values and the Institute of Sport Science absolutely supports these initiatives.

Dr. József Bognár

At the two venues, in 24 teams, more than 200 students participated at these events.

Eszterházy Dodgeball Cup