Pannon Dodgeball Cup

The Pannon Dodgeball Cup was created to bring together everyone, who likes 5-ball dodgeball,  in the region. We are proud that at Siófok we could host the Croatian and the World Championship participant Slovenian National Dodgeball Teams.

Pannon Dodgeball Cup – Siófok 2019

It is really important for us to play as many matches as possible with teams that are more experienced than us because that’s how we can close up to the top teams quickly. The fate of the first Pannon Dodgeball Cup was decided by an exciting and varied game.

Pannon Dodgeball Cup – Siófok 2019

In the first half of the match – that could have easily been a final as well – the teams were winning the sets in turns, they exchanged courts with Croatia leading the game with 6-4. At the second half of the game, Slovenia started strong, they took the lead for 10-6 after winning three sets in a row. The Croatian team asked for a time-out and with a phenomenal endgame they turned around the game for 14-10.

This is the first tournament, apart from EDF, that we participated in with the Croatian National Team. And we loved it, great organization, for which we hereby congratulate Ferenc, very nice hosts and, of course, we are proud that we won the Pannon Cup. We will come next year too and we will do everything to defend our title.
Thanks again to the Hungarian hosts and we’ll see each other next year.

Vladimir Kolic – Croatia Dodgeball Team

Pannon Dodgeball Cup – Siófok 2019

After the mixed games, the Hungary – Croatia male dodgeball match took place. In a double headwind, but with a great fight, the historical battle ended with a 12-12 draw.