Charity Dodgeball Tournament

It all started with this. On 24th March 2018, we organized the Charity Dodgeball Tournament at Újpest, at the Károly István Gimnázium, which had a significant importance in the sport’s history. Everything was new. The rules that we adapted, the special dodgeball balls that we had struggled to get, and of course, the game. This is how dodgeball was introduced in Hungary.

Jótékonysági Kidobós Torna ’18

In 10 teams, close to 100 desperate, brave players fought for the beautiful cup and the honorable title, so they could say they were the first ones to win at the international version of 5-ball dodgeball in this country.
Eventually, in a very close match, the Market Zrt.’s team won, who managed to turn the game last minute against the Telenor team.

Jótékonysági Kidobós Torna

Thanks to the participating companies, we were able to collect 1.5 million Forints from the entry fees and support the “Ments Életet” charitable organization’s Dream Wizard program. The representatives of the organization also participated at the even, in their name, László Budai, member of the board of trustees thanked us:

The organizers honoured us by offering the revenue of the event to the “Ments Életet” foundation’s “Fulfil an ill child’s dream!” program. We could see great, cutthroat games. Congratulations to them! Thank you very much to our friend, Ferenc Bohács, and all participants!

Jótékonysági Kidobós Torna