Central European Dodgeball Championship 2020

The Central European Dodgeball Championship – the second largest tournament of the European organization – was held in Lausanne. For the first time in the sport’s history, the Hungarian Dodgeball Team also participated at the event, furthermore, as a big surprise, they qualified at second place from their group, scoring even better than the host country.

In the quarterfinals we played against the World and European Champion Austria, and, against the odds, we played a very close match with the team.

Hungary Dodgeball – Central European Championship 2020

The first two sets went according to expectations (0-4), but then something happened, and the real battle started. The Hungarian National team did not only equalize, but seven and a half minutes before the end took the lead for 12-10.

The world’s best team, for the first time during the tournament, had to request timeout to get their ducks in a row and they succeeded. There was no big sensation at the end, Austria turned over the match with 16-12 and they kept up their momentum for the rest of the games too. They beat the Italians in the semi-finals (18-14) and the Czech team in the finals (18-12).

The Hungarian Dodgeball Team finished at 6th place at the end.

Central European Championship 2020