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We have been following dodgeball since the end of the 2000’s, which, for a long time used to be played with 3 balls, but that was not the best. Something (some things, to be precise) was missing. At the first World Cup of the sport, we got the answer and one year later the European Championship – held in Scotland – also proved its legitimacy.

After this, we decided to give dodgeball a go in 2017. After many months of preparation and a successful Charity Tournament, we started dodgeball training sessions in the beginning of April 2018.

Budapest Pirates Dodgeball Club

In this environment it was not at all easy to establish a brand-new sport in Hungary. It took some time to find the right direction after our early trials. Luckily, in our mission we had a lot of supporters and people were continually joining us, with whom we could not only tackle the obstacles, but we were also able to develop together.

Thanks to this, in the last 3 years, we could host the English University Champion team, we could finish the 2nd painted dodgeball court of the continent and after a very successful restart last autumn, we could safely train on our new court until the second total lockdown.

If you would like to try out dodgeball, you can find all important information about our training sessions here or on the pages below.

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